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Louis Ulysse Chopard founded in 1860 in Sonvilier within the Swiss Jura a wrist watch company, which manufactured high precision pocket watches and provided these to the Swiss Railway.

Since 1963 the organization using the noble-sounding title is possessed through the German family Scheufele, because Karl Scheufele, an effective jewelry salesman from Pforzheim, acquired the standard business in the then 80-year-old Paul André Chopard Replica. Before Scheufele had promoted watches under their own brand "Eszeha".

Meanwhile, the household business with branches in Geneva, Fleurier, and Pforzheim is among the most effective jewelery watching producers on the planet. Chopard Replica Watches means top quality jewelery collections and special watches, and far emphasis is laid on hard physical work along with a high amount of vertical integration.

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Since 1996 Chopard also offers another watch manufacture in Fleurier, in which the Chopard Swiss Replica Watches are made and manufactured within-house L.U.C. movements. Based on own claims the Scheufele family had considered already in the early the nineteen nineties to construct another factory for traditional items, to be able to secure real authenticity in the area of Haute Horlogerie. It was now achieved using the support from the watch manufacturing company Michel Parmigiani and the company, who have been also employed in Fleurier.

In 1997 the L.U.C 1860 is released, the very first watch using the new Chopard Replica calibre L.U.C 1.96.In 2000 the L.U.C Quattro using the calibre L.U.C 1.98 includes a premiere. It's outfitted with four barrels (2 x 2, laying on the top of one another) and garantees a power reserve of roughly 9 days. In 2001 the calibre L.U.C 3.97 tonneau is presented, an automatic form movement with eccentric micro-rotor. In 2007 Chopard Replica launches using the L.U.C. 10 CF its first automatic chronograph movement that three patents are pending.

In 2007 the manufacture already had 108 employees in 15 different professions. The 3000 L.U.C. movements yearly developed and produced inside the manufacture bear not only the COSC chronometer certificate, but they're also provided using the seal in the FQF that signifies an accreditation which surpasses the COSC testing. Chopard Replica Watches is really a founding part of the conventional Association FQF (Fondation Fleurier Quality Award).

By 2014, their watches can be found in six product families using their sub products, whereas the above mentioned section 'history' gives a summary around the creation and growth and development of those product families:Classic Racing, L.U.C, Happy Diamonds, Imperiale, Classic and La Strada.

A few of their more exclusive watches are outfitted with movements that belongs to them manufacture as an indication of the brand's attitude concerning their position on the market. From the technical perspective, the organization follows a method of further developments and improvements which led to various patent programs to date. The Ecu Patent Office lists greater than 20 publicised references to Chopard Replica since 2002.

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